Providing Emergency Relief to Internally Displaced Sudanese

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Nearly 4 million people have now been displaced in Sudan since the conflict started in April 2023. The United Nations Migration Agency (IOM) expressed in a report the scale of the catastrophe engulfing the African nation.
The conflict between Sudan’s rival military factions is triggering massive population displacements that are stressing the region’s already fragile coping systems.

Sudanese people have fled to neighboring countries including Egypt, Chad and Ethiopia.


Provide support to internally displaced Sudanese communities through emergency relief in Sudan.


Activities may include:

  • Provide support with housing, food, employment, mental health and educational needs.
  • Provide emergency relief to Sudanese refugees.
  • Ensure access to healthcare and medical services.

KBF CANADA is working with two local organizations on this project:

  • Sudan Medical Care Foundation: Created in 2002 with the mission to improve public health by advancing the education of Sudanese medical professionals around the globe, they have put in place systems that consider some of the most vulnerable populations in Sudan. Transportation, relocation, housing and medical supplies are at the top of the priority list.
  • Hadhreen: This NGO has been active for the past 10 years bringing much needed programming for elders’ centers, schools and various health care facilities. Their programs are set to respond to the most urgent needs in Sudan.

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